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The Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited (JBM), in an initiative to drive rural development, is ready to embark on a $445-million project to establish a state-of-the-art Industrial Park at Lydford in St Ann.

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining,  Floyd Green, while addressing a town hall meeting organised by the Ministry and JBM at Golden Grove All-Age School in the parish on April 19, noted that the project is to commence this year.

He pointed out that the initiative will go beyond just renovating the existing structure at Lydford, by revitalising communities in and around the area with the creation of new jobs and other opportunities.

“We expect that we will create more than 100 direct and indirect jobs. We will look at industrial warehousing and agro-processing, but more than that, it’s about developing our logistic hubs framework, which will bring more activity into the area,” Green underscored.

He highlighted the importance of community involvement in this project, stating that the approach is to let the wider community be aware of the plans and provide sound feedback to improve on the designs, so that everyone gets an opportunity to benefit.

“I want to commend the Jamaica Bauxite Mining (JBM) Limited, under the leadership of Donna Marie Howe, who looked across their asset base and developed a project to drive rural development,” the Minister indicated.

In the meantime, Green announced plans for an agro park, the first of its kind in St Ann, where farmers will be provided with land at reduced rates to boost agricultural production. He said the intent is also to provide them with the necessary equipment to support their endeavours.

Additionally, Green outlined efforts to address water scarcity across the rural communities. He explained that over the years, bauxite companies have developed and dug wells that can be resuscitated to bring water to farmers and communities.

The Government is also considering a housing development initiative to provide affordable housing for residents, said the Minister.

The JBM team, led by Managing Director, Donna Marie Howe, made a presentation of the developmental plans of the Industrial Park.

Residents and farmers from the various rural communities in the parish asked questions pertaining to food security, arable farming lands, farm roads, cash crops and more.

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