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Whoever invented the saying ‘not all that glitters is gold’ was very wise. Two years ago, I learnt my lesson the hard way and wouldn’t want you people to fall prey to these babes tricks.

When universities open, all types of babes roam our streets. At first I thought our streets were blessed like Speke road until Abby bragged of how he had hooked and shafted a KIU babe. In doubt, I asked him where he had hooked her and this is what he told me.

“Yiii…Mr. Hyena, where do you live? Don’t you see these juicy babes who move along our streets?” Abby’s confession paralyzed me for about two minutes because when you look at this guy, you can’t even believe that he knows where the Kandahar is located.

Anyway, never judge a book by its cover. Two days later I closed the shop very early and strategically positioned myself with an aim of hooking up any KIU babe who came my way.

Guys, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I found out that on average, after every five seconds, a babe by-passed me. Luckily enough, one Nambi fell into my trap according to the Social Studies (S.S.T) I learnt way back in primary school, Nambi was the first babe in Buganda, so bonking a babe from such a lineage would make me special and equal to Kintu.

On our first date at Capital Pub, everything went my way and Nambi liked and believed whatever I told her. She eventually fell for me head over heels before telling me that she was a third year student offering IT.

However, she set one condition affirming that we couldn’t romp until we get married. “I am still a virgin,” she said and I lied to her that I was a virgin too. People, you know me very well via my unending love for breaking virginities. I did everything to please and thrill her to the extent that in two days I had spent over 300k.

One day, I called her and went straight to the point “I can see the word love written all over your face.” “Mr. Hyena, are you serious?” she asked. “Nambi, listen to me attentively….in my life, I have never been serious the way I have been ever since I set my eyes on you,” I gravely assured her. So without a second thought, I proposed to take her to Ggaba beach.

While at the beach, I was very surprised with Nambi’s boozing rate. According to what I know, most students never go beyond three bottles but Nambi downed four, and was still demanding for more. However, basing on the Luganda saying that “Kyoyagala kyikuseza,” I heeded to her demand. Halfway through the fourth bottle, I confessed of how my body has been badly demanding for what her mama gave her. “Since I am going to marry you after school I can start enjoying my privileges,” I added, but Nambi didn’t fall for that. Her negative response to my advances left me with no option other than forcefully pulling her down.

However, I thought twice analyzing that what I was thinking about was similar to rape and yet I don’t believe in raping. So I cooled down and resorted to going through the right channels. I then invited myself between her legs begging her to just let me rub my whopper against her knickers. After giving it much thought, Nambi agreed but on the condition that I first give her something to prove my love. I pulled out a cool 200k bundle from which I plucked out 100k and gave her. “Just to rub on the knickers….nothing else,” she warned me.

I unleashed what my papa gave me and rubbed it on her knickers. According to my sexperience Nambi was in the mood but she was just shy to disclose it. All of a sudden she began making ecstatic jiggles and I responded by condomising the whopper before pulling the knickers aside.

I then tickled her twinnies sending her into wild moans. “Ohhh….Hyena…go in, please,” she moaned while moving her body like a break dancer. By this time, her Kandahar was already wet gesturing that it was ready for the match. I then held her bums in my arms and slowly pushed the whopper into her wet Kandahar. “You are a real virgin,” I jokingly lamented. In the 7th minute, Nambi began demanding me to stop whatever I was doing! Can you imagine? Of course, I couldn’t stop without sexually recovering the dime that I had invested in her. So I defied her request and went on with my game. “Hyena….please stop….stop,” she persisted. “Baby….get serious,” I aggressively told her off.

I then proceeded working her left, right and center. Shortly before finishing, Nambi threatened never to give me access to the pin code to her Kandahar. “Baby…but I am going to marry you,” I assured her.

As I finished, Nambi began trembling like she was the mother of all earthquakes so I resorted to applying a BJ.

“Ohhh…..mummy,” she moaned as she closed her eyes and chewed her lower lip before gushing out over 100ml of e-nino. No sooner had my hand drilled Nambi’s el-nino than she opted for the cow-girl style during which she stabbed me with a ka-small injection. What followed next, don’t ask me but all I know is that I immediately fell asleep. At around 1am, I regained my senses only to find my stuff robbed money, a touch screen phone and wallet.

Fortunately, she had left in my shirt pocket 2k which she must have put in saying, “That is for your transport.” Since then, I have never seen her face again so guys beware of those campus babes.

Till then, I remain Yours Truly, The Mighty Hyena.

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